DIY Dog Bed Ideas – 9 Ways Change Your Dog’s Life

DIY dog bed

Find out how to DIY dog bed easy & beautiful. The Pet beds are not hard to do it yourself, follow these ideas and add your own style.

The things you need to give your a best friend are just a little love, care, and security. That’s what makes your dog happy and grateful for you all the time. Dogs give love without any conditions and their love lasts forever. So, as a way of change. Why not pamper your dog by giving him a unique bed that’s not found anywhere? You can DIY your own special and cheap dog bed. We did the research for you and we managed to get the best DIY dog bed ideas collection only for you. Cute and adorable pet beds ideas.

diy dog bed from red wagon
Source: country living
  • To get a simple DIY dog bed, you can remove the wheels and axles from an old wagon and place inside a fluffy pillow with a pet-friendly fabric. Don’t forget to place adhesive strips on the bottom to prevent the bed scratching the floor.
  • Turn an old suitcase to travel bed by using a vintage handbag and place inside it a soft cushion to have a new and comfortable bed to your dog.
  • You can turn a retro console into a bed for your dog by placing a soft below inside it.
  • Use an old wooden box for milk and turn it into a special bed for your dog by adding some cushions and a pillow.
  • You can also use an old drawer after you paint it and add some cushions and a pillow inside as a new bed for your puppy.

DIY large dog bed

The size of the dog really matters when trying to make a bed for him. It is easier to build beds for dogs of small size or breed, but don’t worry we also have pleasant options for large dogs.

  • You could use a disused large sweater to make a dog bed, by adding padding, of reused clothes, or use an old cushion that suits the size of the dog. Make it fit into the filler and the excess fabric can be cut, be careful to sew the edges well to avoid fraying.

  • You can use your closet to give your dog a place to stay in if you remove the drawers and place some cushions inside.

DIY pallet dog bed

Pallet furniture is used in many homes lately. so if you want to try something new for your dog we recommend the pallet bed, which is new, fits any place and not expensive.


A pallet bed is a favorite bed for most dogs and homeowners as well! Not only for it’s easy to DIY and less messy for homeowners; we also got many feedbacks that dogs favorited the pallet bed over an ordinary pillow bed.

  • The first step to DIY a pallet dog bed is to buy a pallet from a hardware store.
  • Next, cut the pallet on the sides, place additional boards between the gaps.
  • Now, add wooden boards as sides, fasten the sides with nails.
  • Paint the bed with your dog’s favorite color, then place the cushions inside.
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Now you have a new pallet bed for your dog. It wasn’t so hard to do it yourself, after all, was it?


Raised dog bed

Source: Etsy

DIY elevated dog bed

A modern dog bed styles are now being used. Some of them are probably not expected, like this elevated with stairs dog bed. However, this style cannot be compared to the memory foam bed!


Memory foam dog bed

Source: Orvis

Large dog bed

Large dogs usually suffer from having a place that is really comfortable for them. Use your creativity and enjoy creating a large DIY dog bed of wood that is no longer useful for recycling and transforms it into simple and rustic beds. Or you can use an old TVs stand to make a creative dog bed. If you live in small spaces, a large retractable bed that can be used only at bedtimes may be a solution to your problem.


Washable dog bed


Round dog bed


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