40 Best Bedroom Rugs Colors & Sizes (With Gallery)

Best Bedroom Rugs

Hey there! Did you know bedroom rugs have more function potential in decorating bedrooms than you knew before? Basically, everything in the world has many sides that you will only see when using it right. We are here today to give bedroom area rugs the better chance they always deserved. But first, can you tell me how you use your own bedroom rugs? how do you pick its colors, size and how you organize it under your furniture? Don’t mind, I will tell you everything about how to choose the right colors, the best sizes, and more about DIY rugs here. Also, we will not forget about the special tips for your kids’ bedroom rugs!

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1. How to choose the right Bedroom Rug size

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  • To define your own sizes you should take the size of the area where you want to place the rug and how you want it to define the bed or furniture that surrounds it.
  • You don’t want your bedroom rug to chop the room down, so always consider little larger inches on any size you take.
  • You should use the rug to show the proportional of the space and echo its dimensions. So basically a large room wants a large rug. And longer rooms want orient lengthwise rugs.
  • It’s always a good idea to use painter’s tape to visualize the rug’s placement before you head to the shop and to make sure of your measurements.
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