Small Kitchen Storage Ideas & Hacks (WITH PITCUTRES)

Small kitchen storage ideas

If you have a tiny kitchen with small spaces, These Small kitchen storage ideas are the solution to all the mess that spoils your kitchen appearance. A small kitchen can be an excellent field for creating and accomplish new ideas.

Try to look at your kitchen from another angle, so you can see in it other possible ways to store your favorite utensils.


all small kitchen storage ideas

Small kitchens can still function perfectly, even if they do not have large cabinets and large islands. The point is to learn how to use the available spaces.

the small kitchen storage ideas

We’ll give you some ideas so that you can have a well-organized kitchen and also, you can enjoy having everything in place and handy all the time.

1Open shelves

The open shelves are ideal as small kitchen storage ideas you will be able to use it to store, kitchen jars, plates, dishes, and trays. You can also put stack crockery, spices and any other item you need daily in your kitchen. Although it is also an excellent idea to put small decorative boxes where you can store the kitchen tools you need daily.

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2Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are essential to enjoy a well-organized kitchen. They are elegant and always look good. In them, you can put utensils, fresh products or whatever you want to have on hand.

best of small kitchen storage ideas

They are ideal not only to store things but also to have everything more and better ordered. You can put a couple of metal baskets on top of the sink for easy access to sponges or dishes, so they will dry faster.

good small kitchen storage ideas

3A table

4Kitchen Island with drawers

The kitchen island especially the moveable ones have always seemed to me the most attractive small kitchen storage ideas.

the great small kitchen storage ideas

They are ideal for any kitchen and besides using them as an auxiliary table you can use it as a storage system.  Use the drawers to keep what you need like kitchen tools, mixers, cookbooks, rags or whatever you need.

fine small kitchen storage ideas

And if you decide to choose to keep it in transparent pots inside the cabinet it will be more practical for you.

6Drawer organizer

Kitchen drawers can be neatly arranged. Try to place small dividing boards, or trays for drawers to have all the elements in place. If your drawers are not well organized it will be very hard when you want to look for something, you will have to remove everything to find it.

7Smart Tips

  • If you do not like the open shelves idea you can use cabinets with glass doors. So if you need a particular dish you will not have to open and close all doors and cabinets.
new nice small kitchen storage ideas
  • You can use the compact kitchen where everything is on site.
  • Wall-mounted storage is extremely smart small kitchen storage ideas. It saves space and you can simply hang it on the wall.
  • Putting the stove in an elevated position will give more storage.
the best small kitchen storage ideas
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  • Hanging pots and cups on the wall is not only smart; it also adds a creative and lovely feeling to the kitchen.
Best small kitchen storage hacks
smart small kitchen storage ideas & hacks for tiny/small kitchens.


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