Living Room Color Schemes 2017

Living Room Colors

Living room is very important for everyone starting from homeowners to decoration and interior designer experts, The latest living room color schemes trends 2017 comes with beautiful colors can be used for modern living rooms that will be consistent with all living room designs and sizes whatever the living room design you have ( small living room, country living room, modern rooms).

It`s not only about living room furniture sets that will not make your room excellent, but you also have to choose harmonic colors in the living room to make it more stylish and luxurious. You have to do that everywhere in the room starting from walls, ceiling, flooring, furniture, mattress, curtains to the chandelier. Decorating living room doesn’t mean modern furniture only but, The modern living room design needs to take care of details.


Unique living room color schemes 2017


Using one color for the living room is not a smart idea nowadays, there are a lot of inspirational living room color ideas that are trendy and stylish, Using a modern living room color will make you have a different feeling while being there.

Living Room Color Schemes

Using Beautiful color scheme makes your living room perfect, All that you have to do is to take care of the combinations of the living room color schemes starting from walls painting, ceiling to the furniture colors.


Explore the latest living room color schemes trends 2017 will be consistent with all living room size & styles.

Living room color scheme trends 2017

Living room color scheme trends 2017

Designer experts say about living room color schemes trends 2017

Using daring and bold colors, that will be unexpected room colors combination of bright and daring colors.

living room color scheme combination

These are a collection of the most trendy and expected colors for living rooms in 2017.

  1. Beachy Colors: Dusky Blue
    Intended to recall the ocean & beach colors for the living room in walls and ceiling.
  2. Blue Green
    For more drama in your house, you can use blue-green will be the right color to use.
  3. Acid Lime
    Will be brave to use that color but you have to use it wisely to make your house unique and luxurious.
  4. Taupe beige and earthy green
    By using taupe beige in the ceiling with adding some white color, will make your room stylish and bright, Use Earthy green color in walls will be perfect.
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Acid Lime color trends 2017
living room color scheme trends
living room grey color schemes

room color schemes 2017

Classic color schemes for country living rooms

Modern living room color schemes trends 2017

Modern living room colors 2017

Living room color schemes 2017

Take a look at this list of most popular colors for living room with this selection of best color combination, living room color palette that will help to make your room most beautiful & contemporary. Find out best living room color palette includes turquoise and shades of gray. you can use your favorite color with the sofa pillows but try to keep on the harmonic color combination.

Share your vote and take a look what is the most popular colors for living room in 2017/2018.

What is your favorite color for living room?


  1. Hi I really like the color combination you used in the last image, I want to make something like that in my home, I`d like to thank your for these inspiration living room color ideas.


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