10+ Best Small Laundry Room Ideas and Tips

Small laundry room ideas

Small laundry room ideas are the simple way to have your laundry organized without occupies too much space.  Make the washing time a bit more fun with good storage, and plenty of space. If you choose to use small laundry room ideas it will not only be easier to arrange the laundry, it will be more fun as well.

Not all homes have a laundry room, but having it is a fortune and those who can use it in their homes know how good it is for them. From today your laundry room will be a much more important place than just where you wash your clothes.


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If you were searching for ideas or solutions to use the space at your small laundry room here are some small laundry room ideas to help you.

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Design space

If your room for the laundry is small you do not have to think that it is not suitable for you. Your laundry room can be an enviable stay as long as you can take advantage of every corner.some small laundry room ideasFor example, you can put a washer and dryer one on top of the other. Think about where you would place the shelves and your drawers so that besides being aesthetic it is very practical.top of small laundry room ideas

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If you prefer, attach a box or shelf to the wall on which the washer is supported. With several shelves, you will have all your belongings ordered without taking up additional space.

Ironing board

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The ironing board also occupies a space in our house and may end up being a nuisance. In addition, aesthetically is not very nice.

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So we recommend you choose a small and foldable and store it inside a closet or hang your ironing board on two attractive hooks, try to find two sturdy hooks that go with your style, and place them close to each other. Measure the size of your ironing board so you know how far it will go.

Smart Tips

The first advice we can give you is to allocate at least one corner for your laundry in the home. Once we have chosen the right place, it’s time to put our ideas into practice!

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  • The open shelves help you to give more space and lightness to the room.
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  • Slip a thin ledge into the tiny space between your washer and the wall to put laundry and cleaning supplies.
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  • Retractable strings are the best choice when you need to dry your clothes then make them disappear in a cabinet.
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  • The baskets on shelves will provide better functionality. it is one of the best small laundry room ideas. Its shape will add aesthetic value.


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Creative small laundry room ideas

small laundry room ideas and tips

These ideas will make your life easier and do not suppose you take up a lot of space in your small laundry room.

Wash-in closet

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Do you have a little bigger walk-in closet, why not use a part of it as a laundry? You will have a nice small laundry room hidden behind nice doors. it will be so luxurious and so comfortable. Only use an expert on plumbing and sewage when planning.

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Long-term solutions

Let the space shape give you ideas. If the room is oblong, there is room for hanging up clean clothes in a row while waiting for ironing.

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Use roof racks, as well as those drawers that are installed behind the doors, are perfect to hang the clothes that need height, like long skirts, jackets or trousers, with the aid of some hangers.

you can watch the video below for more amazing and helpful ideas!

Laundry Room Ideas


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